Bangladesh's 1st digital solution for advocates and lawyers

Ukil Doptor will make life easier for lawyers and advocates

About us

Ukil Doptor is a solution for the likes of lawyers and advocates to help them digitally

We are the first digital solution provider in Bangladesh for the Bars of Law

Our Values

Multi Language

We want to break barriers with language. Because every law firm deserves to use Ukil Doptor. So, we don't want Ukil Doptor to be restricted just because of language.

Currently, we have English and Bangla Language in Ukil Doptor.

Our System lets us add any languages within a few weeks of time

Multi-Languages will help break barriers

Using software in the local language will ease up usability by a notch

Basic Customization

Customization, yes you heard it right. With Ukil Doptor, you can get your desired functionalities for your institution.

Every firm has its own different needs and we respect that. Thus, we take it very seriously and try to give your firm what you deserve.

  •  Reports can be customized as your wish
  •  Ukil Doptor comes with unique customization within the panel
  •  Our Expert Dev Team is there to make your wishes come true. And you will love it, we promise!

Cloud Hosted Service

Ukil Doptor is cloud hosted, which mean that it gives you access all time and most importantly from everywhere!

  •  No chances of interruption, Active 24/7
  •  Can be easily accessed from any devices with internet.

Ukil Doptor being cloud hosted will decrease your hassle in lot of ways. Starting right from taking a look at your firm's operation even being way far from it. And also being hosted in the world's top servers, we can proudly say, we will certainly make your life easier


Bringing technology in Law

Data Security

AI based text detection

Image Processing

Basic Customization

Some core modules

Dynamic Admin Panel

We offer a dynamic admin panel to monitor all at a glance

Case Management

Case management allows advocates to closely monitor their clients and their cases

Basic Accounts

Daily transactions are now easier with simple accounting to keep track of money

Text/Voice SMS Service

Notify your clients at ease with just a click.


Key Services

Dynamic Website

Along with the ukil-doptor software, firms can use our state of the art dynamic websites

Attendance System

Manage your clients' attendance in courts and notify them in advance

Team Management

Assign your team with designated tasks through the system


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Starter Plan

TK.1499 / month
Multiple Users
Limited Storage(100/m)
General Features Demo Request

Business Plan

TK.1999 / month
Multiple Users
Email Service
Unlimited Storage
Team Management
General Accounts
Digital Payment
Demo Request


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Chief Product Officer

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